I may be a legend in my own mind, but don’t take my word for it.

I asked others how they would describe me. Here are their responses:

Anal, blunt, caring, clever, cool mom, crazy, determined, direct, entertaining, fact finder, fair, funny, hilarious, honest, humorous, informative, intelligent, intriguing, opinionated, passionate, persistent, precise, punster, real, sarcastic, seriously sarcastic, solid in beliefs, straightforward, thoughtful, truthful, unexpected, unique, very knowledgeable, vivacious, witty, wry

And some could formulate full sentences to describe me:

Laurie’s humor is quick and laugh-out-loud funny. With just a few words, she has me chuckling at her uncanny wit. –Tricia McDonald, Grand Haven MI

Znamy si? z Laurie od lat i tylko ona potrafi wywo?a? u?miech swoim inteligentnym i subtelnym dowcipem. (Translated: I have known Laurie for years. No one makes me laugh more than she does with her intelligent wit.) -Witek Ozimek, Bielany Wrocawskie, Poland

One of your gifts is that your methodology and humor make delegates learn a lot. -Holger K., Bempflingen, Germany

OMG, what a funny lady!  I have been in the audience of two of Laurie’s performances and on each occasion the crowd was in stitches.  Laurie brings clean humor to grand heights. Her act is fresh and perfect for any event. -Richard van Holz, Grand Haven MI

Laurie has always provided laughter and fun for those around her. I’ve seen her wit in action for over 20 years now and she never fails to entertain. She is creative, funny and a real charmer and will provide your group with an event that will be talked about long after it’s over. -Debbie Burton, Rockford MI

Laurie I absolutely look forward to your humor and tongue-in-cheek tidbits every time I see you! Thank you for being a source of laughs and “somethings” to think about. -Kris Campbell, Temecula CA

I was so excited when I heard my company hired you to speak at our quarterly meeting. You definitely delivered. We were still laughing about it the next day. -Reese G., Indianapolis IN

Laurie, I adore your humour. I have shared a number of your quips just so others can witness your wicked style and have a hearty laugh. -Christine Holroyd, West Gippsland, Australia