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Drive-Thru Deception is a handbook of how to uncover deception using words instead of body language. It is the ultimate pocket guide that liars don’t want you to have. Deception Expert, and Human Lie Detector, Laurie Ayers, offers up her wit and wisdom on how to ask questions to give you revealing responses, words and phrases that indicate deception, specific clues to deceit to listen for in oral statements, and what to watch for in written communications.

Through stories, humor, and dozens of practical tips, Laurie shows you a method to determine if someone is being truthful, or if they are lying. Drive-Thru Deception is a unique insight into the language of deception told in a quirky compilation of indispensable lessons, anecdotes, examples, and little-known tells, packed into easy-to-digest, bite-size nuggets.

This handy reference provides practical advice that you’ll be able to apply immediately. Whether you’re struggling with a personal relationship, you’re concerned about coworkers, or if you are in the human resources, sales, customer service, legal, medical, negotiation, mediation or law enforcement field, this book is a must!

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Statement Analysis® is the most accurate method of detecting deception.

It is a proven, objective technique to expose lies in written and oral statements. You can accurately detect deceit by carefully listening to or reading a person’s exact words and phrases. This method requires no interpretation or assumption; rather you analyze their exact statements. It can also be referred to as content analysis or forensic statement analysis.

I specialize in exposing lies through verbal and written statements. By using forensic statement analysis I can determine if someone is being truthful by analyzing how they phrase their statement.

The way someone tells you something may be more telling than what they actually tell you. As a deception analyst,  I share information about how to listen or read written statements differently in order to determine whether or not the people you interact with are creditable, or attempting to deceive you. I point out obvious red flags as well as subtle but important nuances in the way people talk and tell their story.

Looking for a fun, keynote speaker who specializes in deception detection?

We all think we’re good at telling when someone is lying, but how many of us have been BLINDSIDED or had our lives utterly DERAILED, both personally and professionally because we didn’t pick up the cues that people were lying to us?

  • What? My boss said I was definitely inline to get that promotion. What? I believed him!
  • But the contractor PROMISED me it’d be done by the end of the month! What? He lied to me?
  • He SAID he loved me. What?  When he said he had his affairs in order; I didn’t think that meant with my sister!

How many of us have had the rug pulled out from under them? We are left to pick up the pieces after we’ve had our heart broken, stomped on and driven over, or our bank account emptied as a result of being lied to.

You may even be that person. We all know someone who is questioning:

  • How come I didn’t see it coming?
  • I should have known. It was so obvious. Am I a special kind of idiot?
  • How can I ever enter a business partnership again?
  • How can I ever love again?

Now we’re dealing with shame and embarrassment. We’re questioning our intelligence and self-worth.

LIES can leave you doubting yourself and undermining your confidence. We even start doubting our own perceptions. It creates a kind of INSANITY.

Most either go with their gut or are following unproven methods to tell if someone is lying. NEWS FLASH! Fake news isn’t just being served up by media and politicians. LIES ARE BEING DISHED OUT FROM THE BEDROOM TO THE BOARDROOM.

How transforming would it be if you had the superpower to be a human lie detector and know if somebody’s lying?

Know that when someone promises,

  • “I’ll absolutely have this done by the end of the month” they’re lying.
  • When they say, “I love you, and nobody else, really” they’re lying.
  • “Yes, I swear this is a guaranteed investment. You’ll get 10% of your money” they’re lying.

I can show you how to have that superpower – as I am the author of Drive-Thru Deception: Clues to Detect Deceit. Impressed yet? Well…

Ever see the Fox TV show, “Lie to Me?” That show was inspired by the scientific discoveries the world’s leading deception expert, Dr. Ekman. And I received my training as a certified delegate in Evaluating Truth and Credibility, Emotional Skills and Competencies and Train the Trainer through the Paul Ekman Institute (PEI). I am also certified in Statement Analysis Interviewing Techniques.

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Additionally, as a world class speaker I have trained professionals throughout North America and the United Kingdom in these deception detection methods.  My newest program focuses on exposing lies through written and verbal statements.

Believing a lie, and getting majorly burned because of it, doesn’t need to be a death sentence. It is possible to come out of it better, not bitter; enlightened, not embarrassed; and confident, not crushed.  

Your participants will learn:

  • How to increase their Lie-Q from 50% accuracy to 84% or higher
  • Which words and phrases indicate deception
  • Immediate application of these lie detecting tips and techniques, and
  • How to ask questions that’ll give liars enough rope to hang themselves (not like Epstein did).

I am going to do this by delivering a highly entertaining and laugh-out-loud keynote/training using hilarious examples, audience participation, my own rags to riches story, and introducing my 3-Step process that leaves the ladies confident that they can become proficient in Lie Spotting: From Bedroom to Boardroom.

My humorous trainings are memorable, enjoyable, and effective – translating into more valuable takeaways for your members, thereby making your event more in-demand for new and repeat attendees.

I’ve used my system and it works. I can’t wait to show it to your group. How about setting up a time we can talk?

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Partner With Me To Get Results

CONCEALED STATEMENT BAKER’S DOZEN: A Sweet Bundle of 13-Hours to Mix-and-Match Deception Detection Services

Just as you are free to mix and match donuts when you get a baker’s dozen, the same goes with how you choose to use your 13 hours of my expertise. We will increase your ability to detect deception. This highly personalized process begins by identifying your biggest challenges and determining objectives. Where you have blind spots, I’ll help you see. Where you’ve been duped or misled, we’ll get at the root causes and find solutions.

A few of the ways clients have used their hours by having me:

  • Assess Voir Dire or trial consulting
  • Sit-in on interviews for new hires or promotions
  • Analyze a video tape or written statement
  • Speak or lead a workshop at a meeting or conference
  • Train employees

Investment: $3,000 I am one of an elite group of people in the United States currently consulting, analyzing and speaking on the subject of Forensic Statement Analysis as it relates to deception. Learn the tells you never knew existed, Contact Me Today!