Here’s the info for Funny Lie Lady Weddings, needed from you prior to your shindig:

  1. Full Names of both spouses, plus Phone Number Email of who I am working with:
  2. Preferred communication: Text, email, FB messenger?
  3. Ceremony Date and Time:
  4. Ceremony Location – Include name of facility and address, include if it will be INSIDE or OUTSIDE:
  5. Rehearsal: Same day, before wedding? Or separate day (when?)
  6. Tone of Wedding – Please describe the overall tone you would like for your wedding (Light-hearted, Casual, Comedic.) Be specific and as detailed as possible, include any topics you consider off limits, since you are hiring a comedian.
  7. My opening welcome:
    1. More on the traditional side, talking about marriage, love, joined together to witness, etc? or
    1. Tell a story about you two – how you met, funny date, etc. Supplied by you to me. or
    1. I can be light/funny, still a lovely dovey marriage opener.
  8. Is anyone else other than the 3 of us part of the ceremony? Someone doing a reading? A song? Participating with you in an element/tradition?
  9. Vows: Pre-arranged/Repeat After Me, or Write Our Own, or both?
  10. Rings: Exchanging rings?
  11. Other Elements to be Included? (Sand Ceremony, Rose Ceremony, Signature cocktail creation, handfasting, unity candle, etc.)
    1. Please send me links to videos of what you had in mind, and/or a script of what to say. This part is full-on YOUR creation (who/how/what) and I will participate based on your instructions. There are multiple ways to do each of these add-on elements (Send to or FB messenger @LaurieAyersLaughlin, feel free to FB friend me so you know what you’re getting)
  12. Do you want the signing of the license to be PART of the actual ceremony? Or done afterwards with just us and your witnesses?
  13. At the end, do you want me to pronounce you: “Husband and Wife” (hh/ww)  Or pronounce you “married” ?
  14. CLOSING instructions I will give the guests, such as meet you guys in the back for the receiving line? Head to xyz for cocktails?
  15. END of ceremony:  How shall I present you before you walk down the aisle? It is my honor to present to you, “Mr. and Mrs. Groom’s last name? Mr. Groom and Mrs. GroomHyphen? Or are names not changing? “
  16. I’d appreciate still photos and any video that I can use in my marketing. Are you agreeable to that? If so, approximate time frame to have access/copies?